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COVID19 #ZAmakers Medical and Sanitation community assistance.

Sign Up and register as Maker, Donor or Supplier of materials/components, Client:

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We prioritise providing medical resources and community sanitation solutions.

  1. Sign up  — as a SA-Maker Volunteer
  2. Sign up  — To Request our assistance
  3. Sign up — as a Supplier/Donor

If we can provide making and maintenance support to doctors, hospitals we can help stretch those critical resources, keep the healthcare heroes healthy longer.

To cut red tape we need to offer our services free to the institutions to not get bogged down in prolonged procurement procedures.

For that we need community support makers volunteering hands tools and brains, and funders and donors to make the making happen.

Links to chat croup under “Contact” tab.


SA-Maker volunteers

Designers, Makers, Tinkerers, Artists, Crafters, Fabricators, Inventors or Artisan.
List your skills and resources so we know where we have Makers and Skills, we will help to direct resources and requests as the come in.

Sign Up Here: SA-Maker volunteer


Request for assistance.

Organisations needing assistance from Makers and Maker Spaces community list your needs.

Please share with clinics, hospitals, community projects, improvement district coordinators, anyone working in health and hygiene on the covid19 problem. As we aggregate  resources we can tailor a response.

Sign Up Here: To Request for Assistance


Offer of other assistance, Donations, Materials & Equipment

Individuals, Organisations and Businesses that want to contribute but can not “make’, you can pledge financial support, hardware and materials, admin support etc. here

We will then match makers (do-ers) offers (Givers) and requests (The need) as best we can.

Sign up Here: Offer other assistance, Supplier or Sponsor