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BizTrends 2016] Five game-changing trends for 2016

Save | Email | Print | PDF By: Dave NemethThe top five trends for marketers to note for this year include VR, AR, the maker movement, device culture, and content in context.[BizTrends 2016] Five game-changing trends for 2016

1. VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) get serious

We have all become accustomed to the rapid changes and developments in technology and the speed of these changes will continue with things getting smaller and faster. The internet of things will continue to link our cars, clothes and appliances to our mobile devices and wearables. The biggest developments will, however, be in VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality), which will be used for business, design and advertising.Expect to see brands creating their own cardboard glasses similar to Google’s cardboard viewer, with downloadable apps of unique experiences. The question is, will ad agencies be quick enough to capitalise on this or will we see new dedicated agencies appearing that will focus on these ‘new’ digital experiences?Designers and architects can also add a new dimension to their creations and the medical field are already working on a host of different applications that will allow them to operate with greater efficiency and accuracy. This technology will create better flexibility for project teams working at opposite ends of the globe.

2. The maker movement impacts education and business

One of the biggest complaints by top international design firms in recent years is that graduating students do not understand the manufacturing process of the products they design, hence rendering them useless in practical terms. This was even the sentiment of Jonathan Ive, the head designer at Apple recently. School leavers may be better off exploring, experimenting and creating through maker groups than they would by getting a formal design education. Expect to see this movement continuing to grow but, more importantly, some great products and technology are being created by untrained individuals as well as school kids.This movement and the popularisation of it, will put pressure on the education sector at all levels to relook at their syllabuses and to re-evaluate just how relevant they actually are. Private schools will be the early adopters of such strategies, creating a gap for individuals or groups to attract students to their new or existing maker spaces for financial gain. Forward-thinking retailers could and should capitalise on this, as we have recently seen with West Elm in the USA, where they opened maker spaces to the public to view the design and prototyping of their unique designs, which are created by both their in-house designers and collaborators. This empowers and educates and creates a story that really is authentic.

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